About the Journal

Jurnal Teknologi Kesehatan Borneo is an open-access journal with timely peer reviews in the field of leading health technology related to the environment as well as humans. This journal can be utilized by various elements of health and health policies and programs.
Jurnal Teknologi Kesehatan Borneo publishes information related to the latest health problem-solving technology. Each staff editorial article will be processed through initial approval by the editorial board. Articles that correspond to the field of study of the journal will be sent to peer review with a single-blind system, and articles will be sent back to the author. Peer reviews will recommend that articles be accepted or accepted with improvements. This process takes a maximum of two months. Review reviews will assess the technical and substantial aspects of the article. The final decision will be made by the team editor by the advice given by the reviewers. Peer reviews that work will be adjusted to the scientific field with the articles sent.